CRM Software to nurture your Customers and Sales

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Beautiful design

Beautiful, easy-to-use design for quick, clear business tasks. Work smart, with style.

Lightning fast

Experience blazing speed with SaleFlow! Swift operations, instant data access, no delays. Efficiency at its peak.

Mobile Responsive

SaleFlow adapts to your device — seamless mobile access ensures your business moves with you anywhere.

Customers & Sales
Made Easy

CRM Software to make connections with customers

CRM Software Opportunity

Live analytics

Unlock the power of instant insight with the live analytics. Make smarter, data-driven decisions in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

Deals tracking

CRM OS's Deals Tracking Module seamlessly manages, monitors, and optimizes sales pipelines, enhancing customer engagement and boosting revenue generation.

Customer management

Customer Management centralizes client information, streamlines interactions, enhances satisfaction, and fosters long-term relationships for sustained business growth.


CRM OS Software is packed with all the necessary features. Here we are mentioning some important modules.


- Capture lead as contact - Manage tasks for contact - Assign Contact owner - Notes & Email manage - Nurture contacts for deals


- Identify sales opportunities - Track progress through pipeline - Assess opportunity value - Link quotes to opportunities - Manage tasks & attachments

Support tickets

- Log customer issues or requests - Assign tickets to support staff - Track resolution progress - Analyze ticket resolving time - Ensure satisfaction & follow-up


- Centralize company profiles - Link contacts to companies - Track company interactions - Send quotes to company - Manage company-based tasks

Quotes & Products

- Generate customized quotes - Manage products & services - Track quote status and history - Convert quotes to sales orders - Manage pricing and discounts - Facilitate quick client approvals


- Dynamic setup - Accounting and Finance - Email confihuration - Employee management - Role based access control - and many more...

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