Return & Refund Policy

Last updated: 22 October 2023

1. Overview

We appreciate your business at Omega Solution. Our Refund Policy stipulates the conditions under which refunds are possible. This policy applies to transactions made directly through the Omega Solution website; for purchases via Codecanyon, their individual refund policy is operative. We encourage you to acquaint yourself with this policy, and we’re available for any inquiries.

2. Standard Software Solutions

Full Refund: Should you encounter a substantial, unresolved technical fault within the first 14 days of acquisition, not resulting from any personal customization or alterations, you are entitled to claim a full refund.

Partial Refund: If customization has commenced or extensive software use has occurred while significant issues persist, we may contemplate a partial refund, adjudicated on an individual basis.

3. Refund Eligibility

Sale Purchases: Items bought at a discount are exempt from refunds. Full-priced acquisitions remain eligible.

No Exchanges: We abstain from offering exchanges. Confirm your choice before purchase completion.

Accidental Purchases: Refunds don’t extend to unintentional buys. Please exercise caution during selection and check-out.

4. Customization Services

Refund applicability for tailored services depends on the project’s progression:

  • Early Termination: Eligibility for a partial refund is possible if the project is uninitiated or in preliminary stages, accounting for any fees and completed work.
  • Advanced Stages: Refunds are generally non-negotiable once customization is substantially underway or near completion.

5. Refund Process

Refunds are issued through the initial payment mode, be it bank transfer, card, or digital/mobile methods.

6. Initiating a Refund

To request a refund:

  • Connect with our support at within the stipulated period.
  • Submit a detailed account of your concern, supplemented by relevant evidence.
  • Permit our team sufficient time for a comprehensive review and possible resolution proposal prior to refund processing.

7. Non-refundable Circumstances

Refunds are precluded in instances of:

  • User errors during purchase.
  • Insignificant glitches or issues rectifiable within a reasonable duration.
  • Complications following user-implemented modifications or external integrations.
  • Incompatibility with systems not outlined in our prerequisites.

8. Policy Modification

Omega Solution retains the authority to revise this Refund Policy without advance warning. Modifications are immediate post-publication, and continued patronage post-adjustments signifies your concurrence with the new terms.

9. Inquiries

For additional clarifications or queries regarding this Refund Policy, feel welcome to reach out to us at