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Introducing HRM OS – the all-in-one Node.js and React.js based HR management software that revolutionizes your workforce management needs. From employee management and attendance tracking to leave applications and payroll processing, our state-of-the-art HR management solution streamlines your daily operations. Whether you oversee a small team or a large corporation, our software is designed to help you efficiently manage your core HR-related tasks like employees, payroll, leaves, holidays, payslips, and accounting.

One of the most notable features of HRM OS is its Progressive Web App (PWA) capability. This cutting-edge technology allows you to install our web application as a Mobile App (compatible with both Android and iOS) and as a Desktop Application. With lightning-fast single-page-load navigation, you can access all the features you need in the blink of an eye. Experience unparalleled freedom, control, and portability with our PWA-enabled HR Management software.

Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with real-time access to your human resource information anytime, anywhere. Our comprehensive HR Management software includes a dashboard, core HR, employee management, attendance, leave applications, holiday management, payroll, payslip generation, and accounting functionalities. Optimize your workforce processes and boost productivity with HRM OS – the ultimate solution for all your human resource (HR) management requirements.

Exciting Features of HRM OS - HR Management software


Dashboard of HRM OS - HR Management software
  • Elegant dashboard design with HRM in mind
  • Datewise total workhour visualization
  • Total, today on-leave, absent and present employee count view
  • Announcements and Upcoming Public holidays view

Employee management

HR employee - HR Management
  • Employee information, contacts, papers, education management
  • Employee salary history management
  • Employee promotion and designation history manage
  • Employee’s awards history management

Attendance management

  • Self attendance & manual attendance management
  • Attendance report generation with work hours and status
  • Shift and employment status management for workhour calculation

Payroll management

  • Month-wise payroll generation
  • Payslip generation with all details including workdays, workhour, salary, bonuses and deductions

Accounts and Financial management

  • Account creation and transaction management
  • Salary payment transaction and expense management with account wise balance view
  • Financial statements generation

Leave management

  • Employee leave application and management with reason and type (paid/unpaid)
  • Leave policy creation with paid and unpaid leave for a year
  • Weekly holiday creation with start and end date of work week for an employee
  • Public holiday creation and view

Announcements and Awards management

  • Announcements creation and view for employees
  • Awards creation and assignment to employees


  • Admin and staff login with default username and password
  • Change username and password after login

Note: The HRM OS application provides a comprehensive HR management solution for businesses with features ranging from employee management to payroll and financial management. Follow the above steps to get started with the application and efficiently manage your HR operations.


Our software is very simple and intuitive to use. You can start within a few minutes. A detailed Installation Guide is available inside the ‘Documentation’ folder you download from Codecanyon once you purchase. You will also get a Quick Start guide there. By following the quick start you will be able to use the software easily. If you face any issues at any time of installation or using the software just contact us and we will support you as soon as possible.


What do I get when I download?
You will get the FULL SOURCE CODE with all the features working.

Do I get updates for FREE?
Yes, all the future updates are FREE for LIFETIME!

Does it work on a local server?
Yes, it works on a local server. You just have to install Node.js runtime.

Do you support the item?
Yes, Please contact us at for support. We'll reply within less than 6 hours.


Version: 1.1.1

Date: 16 September 2023

-- Bugfixes

Version: 1.1.0

Date: 12 August 2023

-- Project Management Module added
-- Bugfixes

Version: 1.0.0

Date: 09 April 2023

-- Initial Release